Today. 6535.


“> By KEN SMITH. : - Canadian Press Business Editor WINNIPEG (CP)—Duff Ro--° lin, Progressive Conservative

premier of Manitoba, has given a strong vote of support to Jean

“No one,” ~the Chine se sources said, ‘not even Chair- man Mao Tse-tung or President

China celebrated its~i5th ‘birth. ee oS sense been lei coe cor tneeet| Daily Loss Said 2Q Milli : ‘a pments in cull educa- statement’ that “revorution !s|tion “and science ae elo- y ss al on the secomctive of eae It quently proved: that the Chinasd| a tly not to} people are capable of ¢ se oe a yy ounhing|ioe he verde stants | Support of Maritime Union off. an. atom bomb. ence and technol: Chen sounded the. revolutionary |“we. still have. shortcomings, ‘Could Deal Shipping Big Blow saaaleg reiterating tough| mistakes and difficulties and ° policy we Mowon Seger that cd ad not sale avery By MALCOLM STEPHENSON ore thousan nese year but every - mon! e j foreign dignitaries massed in|called on. Communists every: NEW YORK (AP) Sixty thousand longshore- R Oo b lin in the Chinese capital. States. Imperialism” which he ports from Maine to Texas. : “| Though there had been lively | sald “is plundering not only the ‘|speculation that the Chinesejeconomically backward coun: A board of inquiry appointed by. President John- might cap the day's festivities|tries in Asia, Africa and Latin|son under the national emergency clause of the Taft- America but also the econom-| Hartley labor law acted quickly to get a report on the Presi-|tries, its partners included.” | Situation in the president’s hands before nightfall. A sgh who a oe is beginning| return to work under a federal court injunction was lose his old plumpaess, was the central figure in the cele- expected by, eerie ing circ! timated brations. He was flanked on the . 1653 af aie ‘ban $20,000,000 A e mier Chou En-lai, apparently 5 F; r men the docks are idl fay mecrered trom a seen @) A ETE Sherine African presidents; the. pre. e through automation of cargo|Lesage, his Liberal counterpart miers of North Viet Nam and Die n handling was a major factor in]i1 Quebec, in’ the dispute over Romania; the president of , the ‘no contract, no. work'|federal and provincial: rights. hanouk, p tional Longshoremen’s Associ- 35th al meet- eat aso-chi; Knees whee Cons [of states and a relatively tik Bl aze ation (AFL-CIO) which began al penta the Casadien Chamber of munist China will explode a nu-|ranking Soviet delegation. BOSTON. (AP) The rear minute after midnight. Commerce to back Quebec's elear device.” Pravda, the Soviet Commu-| i of an old toy factory Some longshoremen jumped] policy of contracting out of fed- ‘The oppressed peoples are|nist party organ, in an anni- the gun in New York and be-|eral - provincial programs, way early today, killing five firemen who were battling a blaze in the vacant building. The fifth ‘victim, James B. Sheedy, 38, of Dorchester, died

On Red Birthday [In "Auntie Coastal Paris: Peking’s Mayor Peng Chen| He ‘admitted, henatar that ‘ithe Square of Celestia: Peace|where to unite against “United/men went on strike today in Atlantic and Gulf coast ically developed capitasist coun- rostrum by President Liu; Pre- the U.S. Seams ea each day North Korea; Prince Norodom walkout by the Interna-| wr, Roblin used the closing bound to rise in revolution, the| versary article reviewing Soviet crumbled into a narrow alley-| gan quitting worlgon the luxury| 316 told the 800 delegates Que- seven hours after the fire.

imperialists and all the ald to China said: “Our , TTS RED FEATHER DAY ‘or C.N.R. trainman Phil Drumm’ of Belleville, flobaties will: Inevitably perist| ia aptte of the vaitacky- sgh A

When ‘he made his United Appeal donation this year, United Appeal volunteer pacicet is oe ore rg: leaders and their pete worker Miss Jackie Bell of C.N-R. office services pinned a red feather on his jacket. | "Mayor B smear campaign,

the day's major speech before|stretches out a hand of friend- A ON-R. are who donate get a feather. 500,000 paraders began moving|ship to the Communist party of throngh the square, - China for the sake of the joint’ He said ‘‘this will de a year|struggle against imperialism, of Pretty good harvests in Chi-|for the cause of peace, national na’s history.” He claimed that|freedom and socialism.”

Formula to Alter BNA Act Seen Giving Provinces Veto

—" OTTAWA (CP)—Ths weighty

case of repatriating the‘ consti: tution was brought into the Commons Wednesday by Jus- tice Minister Favreeu for the purpose of eolleeting some

liner piers as early as 5 p.m. * Wednesday. Clerical employees mete perpepdary her were put to work handling pas-|conciling competing claims of

sengers’ luggage and three big 5 ships—the Queen Mary, the In- feiedleee between the govern

dependence: and the. Bremen—. . He admitted there are risks sailed during the night. PLEDGES SUPPORT involved in the contracting out policy, but argued it may prove Joseph Curran, president Of|t be the formula needed to the 50,000'- member National| meet the special situation of Maritime Union (AFL - CIO),/Quebec without providing sper has promised support to the/cjal treatment for the provinces longshoremen. Such. support): He added that in. his-judy could, deal a blow to United ment the potential benefits out- States. and foreign-flag ship-| weigh-the risks. However. Man- ping,/Members of Curran's un-|jtoba probably would not use the jof™are seamen, engine room/same policy to get out of fed- At Jeast 13 other firefighters/and steward department work-| eral - provincial programs. ‘were injured fighting the five-|ers and other ship personnel be-} He said ‘Canada’ will’ likely alarm fire in Boston's crowded | low officer-rank. emerge from its present con- south, end section. The names) President Johnson late Wed-| stitutional unrest strengthened of, five injured . were on. the|nesday invoked the Taft-Hart-| and with unity confirmed. danger list at Boston City Hoe + ier ‘Act for sas first time since) crpaRATION. PROBLEM entered White House. BRICKS RAIN, His action was expected to lead} 4 separate French Canada

The victims—one of them the son of Boston's acting fire chief —were swept from a ladder and buried beneath « ton of brick and mortar.

“They were screaming as they fell,” said a fellow fire- man. “It. was terrible." They were on the ladder at the third floor and all of a sudden the fourth and fifth floor walls just gave way and buried them.”

Belleville’s United Appeal campaign starts today. More than 300 people who have been working behind _ the scenes; some-for six.months.and more, come out ‘nto the open today to ask their fellow citizens for $106,024.88: They have two weeks, until October 15, to get it. The money is needed to help support 12 local

Charities and set vile Sees: The eampaign is different

about. 400. airmen), will be can: vassed at their houses by work- ers armed with specific lists of people who cannot be reached except at their homes.

The main part of the cam paign is divided into five div- isons, each division with a spec- ifie Job. The selected names div-


views on the matter. DOWN this year. There is no big, noisy| this year, Most obvious change |ision, including those people Fy C Ten minutes after the fire- P issuance of a: court| Could become an isdlgted ghetto parade, no partles and few/is that there will be no general | who cannot be reached at their or ourt Pe ae er igated daa be Papo men. were killed, ter the por: pthLersed ‘ordering the. long.| Surrounded by psc me speeches.) The goal is more/house-to-house canvass. Instead, | jobs, has'a corps of about 1 MONTREAL (CP)—A group|the way Andrew Brewin (NDP| tion of the. structure collapsed,|shoremen back to work for ‘an lish - speaking forelgners, he

canvassers working under co-

last |the emphasis is on catching peo- chairmen Rod Cameron, Mrs. S.

le at work, and a corps of can 80-day. cooling-off. period. Dur-| $4id- A separate English Can- t] ple at wor: can-

ing ‘this’ time, :his- board of in- ada fall into a sub-national sta-

: 3 EF

raining bricks down on seven

—Toronto Greenwood) de- other firemen and narrowly

of young separatists took mili- es < scribed some aspects of the

i i ioe

yea the goal is based on Belleville’s| vassers is lined up to reach ev-| W. Howell and Mr. L. B, Mac-|tary training at a remote camp missing. a group. of reporters|quiry would investigate, report] ‘™®- weeds, not on past perform-|eryybody who works. in town. | Quarrie. in the summer to fight Cana- a Pegg eeererer ard absicamnhere. seers bgt dy president and conduct a|, The strongest applause came, S ances. It sounds like a lot of|People who cannot be reached at} About '20 people are canvass-|dian government supporters by] “Leave it in England,” said| - Directing the operations of|union membership vote on the| however, when Mr. Roblin ex: v money, but Belleville’s $106,-| their work, or who, work outside | ing the city’s professional men, force if necessary, a key Crown|Creditiste Leader Resi. Caou-|more. than -200 firemen at the}latest offer by management. pressed concern over welfare 900 is about equal to the| Belleville, (this group includes | working under chairman Sher- witness in an Aug. armslette, in reference to the Brit-/scete was Acting Chief John} The chairman of the. three- spending. goals —- and previous iff Ross Bailey. The public|raid case testified Wednesday.|ish North America Act. “. ...|Glougherty. He stood helpless}man board, Herbert Schmertz, Mr. Roblin said the provinces

services division, including city, county, provincial and fed- eral employees, is being can- vassed by internal organizations

34, a Washington labor lawy and Ottawa should set up a joint and saitraloe called a iectiag system of national priorities to of the board for today in New| °Versee welfare expenditures, York. He telegraphed requests|2¢ding there are ree maior for statements on their positions | fields where government. spend- by the union and the New York|i2& is essential education, Shipping Association, which rep.| health and. pensions.

: The delegates also slapped pity pone rhe relate ping their formal seal of approval on

Af ts to the| Policy declarations hammered Pools eerie ieupiio ee out ‘Monday. A new one, how- to make the final decision on|&¥et dealing with federal - pro- whether to ask the justice de- | ¥incial res was aed partment to seek an Injunction.| _ 1t asks the chamber to un- PR a CRE At eae dertake a review of existing rights and obligations of both ' federal and provincial govern. Mother Shot ments under the terms of the British North America Act. One policy statement ac- iBy “3 cepted by the chamber’s na- tional policy conimittee Monday SMITHS a Ont. (CP)— and turned back by the dele- Mrs. Audrey Salter, 34, was gates would have asked the killed Wednesday when her|chamber to urge the govern-

as the wall toppled on his son and the three other men. “My God.” he said ‘D disbe- W@t. “I've lost my son.”

The victims were: -Robert Clougherty, 31, son of the act- ing chief; Frank Murphy, 44; Lieut, John Geswell, 40; and Lieut. John McCorkle, 53

“, .. Suddenly the walls just cracked and everything seemed to go in,”. said Fireman John Maher. “I was on the roof. Somehow I was kaocked through a window of another building about 15 feet away.”

Many of the firemen were weeping openly as they tun- nelled into the charred refuse,

Marcel Tardif, 22, described] Let's draft our own constitu. activities of “L'Armee Revolu-| tion.” tionnalre.du Quebec (ARQ) at] “I think it ts safe to say that the preliminary hearing of six}no one in this Parliament... persons accused of conspiracy | objects to the plan to bring the to commit criminal acts, in-jconstitution home,” said cluding armed robbery, break-|R. G, L. Fairweather (PC ; jing and entering - and: Royal), former attorney - gen- ome se Laan ral of pM haley

ii shop raid during which two per- ext Monday and Tuesday, pain re bbe bat La sons were killed. Mr. Favreau will meet the 10 al categories iy fi the - aie The Crown completed its case| attorneys-general to tackle the “Jand Oct. 7 was set as the dead-/technical details in connection line for submission of written| with a formula for the repatria- Crown and defence arguments.|tion of the constitution. If Francois Schirm, 32, self -|agreement is reached, Prime Istyled former French army|Minister Pearson and the 10 paratrooper and Edmond Guen-|provinclal premiers probably ette, 30, face trial for capital| will formally approve the form- murder in the killing of Leslie/ula when they meet here’ Oct.| searching for the bodies of their; MacWilliams, 56. during the|13. fellow firefighters. raid on the Internatioual Fire-| They met in Chariottetown| Firemen were able to confine arms Company on downtown|early in September and, agreed|the flames to the long unoccu- Bleury Street. in principle on an amending|pied building. There was no im-

Tardif and Gilles Brunet, 29,|formula—one that was drawn|mediate ‘indication of what who have both testified for the up by former Conservative jus-|caused the fire. three-year-old son accidentally| ment not to interfere with pro- Crown in the conspiracy hear-|tice minister E. David Fulton. ——__——_- discharged a rifle in the kitchen | gramming carried on television ing, and Cyriaque Delisle, 27,| Final. approval for amend- CBC GETS SITE of the family’s home. cables. face trial for non-capital mur-|ments’ in the constitution—or] MONTREAL (CP) CBC} Police sald Mrs. Salter was} Major policy declarations ac- der in the killing. Jacques Des-| BNA’ Act. now : must come] President Alphonse Oulmet took] sitting in the living room when| cepted included a call for more ormeaux, 27, faces trial on a|from Westminster. In bringing] official possession Wednesday|the child, who was alone in the technical training for workers, pay office to a parlor car near] complicity charge. . |that final approval:to the Cana-jof‘a site in south-central Mont-| kitchen, somehow fired a loaded|a study of the loss of skilled the Belleville yard office, Can-| ARREST AT CAMP dian Parliament, the federaljreal on which the broadcasting |.22-calibre rifle. The bullet went| workers to other countries. de- vassers working under in-plant} The accused and Guenetts aid _ provincial - governments] service will build its new head-|through a wall and struck the} velopment of a national water campaign chairman’ Bill Boul-| were arrested two days after| must first agree’ on a formulaj quarters. Montreal is to collect] woman in. the left side, punc-| resources policy, establishment ter had collected about $2,500/the raid in the ARQ Camp St.|that will define and safeguard] $4,160,000 from the CBC and|turing a major artery. of a flat-rate, pay-as-you-go pen- by last night. Last year the qq“ -— $2,000,000 from the federal pub-| She was taken to hospital but] sion plan-and extension of pas- company’s. 900 seine kes (Continued on Page 12) __. {Continued on Page 12) li. works department for site.! died in'the operating room. senger plane routes. :

le gave less TT NT ESS STE TS YET PS TOT a a TE

is,ie mer’ ®t] 30,000 Marooned by Bursting of Dam in India

f . A husband ig really broken aa = in when he:can understand ev- : NEW DELHI (AP)—The In-| said that according to unofficial] area have been reported toltwo large irrigation dams burst/6,500,000 Inhabitants of » 18.000 ery" word his wife isn't saying. dian Army sent food by. hell-| estimates, more than 1,000 per-|New Delhi. during the night. The water| villages. He said 3,000,000 acres i copter and gescuers by road syns died. when the wall of wa-| The chief. minister of Andhra) joined the flood waters of twolof cropland were under water, P F ter surged through the town of] Pradesh, Brahmananda Reddy,| overflowing rivers in the vicin-|a loss that has caused- hunger and boat today to the aid of an/ 25.009 in Andhra Pradesh state| said’ he thought the death toll ity, and the combined waters|in much of India, touched off estimated 30,000 persons ma-|after a rain-swollen reservoir|in Macheria “may be 150 or|swept down on Macherla. food riots and caused a crisis rooned by a dam burst that/ burst early Wednesday. thereabouts.” But he added that} The. huge wave hit ahbout/for the government of Prime sent a i0foot wall of water] However, The Times Of India| the state -capital, Hydebrabad,|3 a.m. It swept through the} Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. the eastern Prairies will’ move 37-year-old woman had been/crashing down on the sleeping| reported a death toll of 200 for|still was not. in ‘direct -touch|sleeping town, drowning people} New riots were reported Wed- charged with capital murder in|town of Macherla in southeast| all of Andhra Pradesh. With| with the stricken city. ° - jin their beds, destroying flimsy|nesday in villages north of the April 27 rifle-slaying of Gra-| India. six states of northern India al-} Army units: were reported ‘to|huts ‘and’ washing away cattle] Bombay where there are acute ham Preston, 33, a Halifax} Estimates of the dead fluctu-| ready suffering from devastat-|have reached the stricken hill] aud bodies. shortages of sugar and cooking merchant seaman. She was the|ated widely in the confusion|ing floods, the southern state/town 140 miles south. st of Hy:|\ Before the Macherla disaster, | oll. first woman charged with capl-}and communications break-| wa. hit by 18° inches of late|terabad and were ‘rescuing sur-| Irrigation. Minister K. L. Rao| Along. the Andhra Pradesh tal murder since Canada’s|down following the disaster, be-| monsoon rains in three days,|vivors from ‘treetops and the}told, Parliament the floods in|/coast at Kakinada, there was injilooding the Krishna and|roofs of houses” still standing. jnorthern-India had killed 145) still no word of the fate of 8 smaller. rivers. At least 30|) Survivors told/a tale of hor-|persons, washed away 2,800| missing fishing doats with deaths outside of the Macherla|ror. .At ledst’“One and possibly head of cattle and affected! nearly. 500 men a


Each block will represent steps toward the campaign’s goal, and contributors whose contribut-

fon representatives, moved the

CHARGE. REDUCED HALIFAX. (CP)—A Supreme THE WEATHER fj Court jury found Halifax sten- J Synopsis: Warmer. air will ographer Vivian-Munro guilty

move into sonthern Ontario to- . of a reduced charge of man- sight-and Friday. A storm over . 4 slaughter Wednesday night. The

One Year Ago “2 @1 35° danbdhte Auch ;

Supports ° :

Obituaries MS, GLADYS EVELYN. Lor

Be! General Hospital. Weight 7 Ibs, 1 sister Jill, Peter, and Culms

oy afternoon eo nen DEATH! =. Funeral Home, peter Adee k thei ee bs

service in the chapel was con- MORGAN, Everets Witter Morks ducted by Mr. W! 56 Soa rondtt of a Growaing 907)

.| Interment was in Albury ceme cident River, ns tery. By on Claude MacDonald called the Bear aon "ite, : <The bearers were: Gene) meeting to order with two min- Deereent a Fo aE aa aaa [utes silence. eon yee mittee will be called next ot FayeGeors ~S

-|Roy Malnprize, Fred A ae Regular business was tran-|. Rey. E. D. Bergman and {The committee hag little more Everett: Ro, Warne, christine, @) maker, Sam Richardson sacted, during which “a letter| Rev. J. M. MacKnight, of Cal-|than a month to name'a suit- Zlaine and. Brende, all of Burl Lott. was read, signed by the mayor| vary Temple, Belleville, were| able project,” as. the city’s ap- Bel Dear bar of

of Belleville, verifying the sale| delegates at the 24th Biennial |plication for a centennial gr Belevilie’ Samuel, Bellet MRS, DOUGLAS 8. HORNE |°% Poppies on the streets, Nov. Pentecostal | has to be in by Nov. 6th. ville Harold. North "Bay, 2 tsaser cel ember 6th and 7th, 1964. - plaka B Mrs (perio as i ° Two guests were present, Mr. | ly. a one-time mayor of the town,|- “Mrs. Danae 0. Horne of 520] Everett Liddle and Mr. Madden,| Rev. Tom Johnstone, the|board to choose a suitable cen-| gariler this yeat. It is plan- Soellerove, Zerontos Wyndotte Street, Wiudsor, Ont.,| offer thelr assistance in the|.denomination’s senior officer, | tennial project for Zwick’s Is-| ned to 68 lots initial- ville, Mise Beat ree died this ‘Thured morning at | forthcoming campaign, and to| was the keynote speaker at the} land. After several meetings |}y° In‘all, 240 lots are plan-} , (Geneva) Deere Denaviiie, dled this Thursday. morsin Ot |olfer various suggestions as to| conference, held in Montresl.| the complitise decided that Te-| sq gor‘ the’acen which will ex.| a8. aise Margaret Morgan, 9 | Sth sear procedure in building up an In-| Rev. Johnstone, leader of the|sidents of the city would pre-| tend west of Reid St. Ree, scum B. Bush Fuse Born aa Winnipeg, Manitoba terest In the community for the | 685 Canadian churches, said: “I|fer a building of some kind 85]. ‘The lots, 50 to 60 foot front: Home, BO. Highland Avenue, she had lived Inthe Windsor |Fisnders Poppy, since they had ly Believe the Bible to/a centennial poole. stations | Ssh an4 120 feet in depth, will te apm Canod RB. D, Wrignt VIOUS CX! ence, - oenels for the past 25 eirhe Fladers poppy i a ayt0: ieroree pare up for. gale to the {n-| offic t, Belevile ter, Bho was a member of St. An-|20l.o¢; the: sacrifice which has If all the serviced lots are sold

draws: ;Preabyterian = Chureb, |Peen_ made om behall of demo: _ is time lmit,

swimmer. Windsor. cratic freedom’ by Canadians. eeeeeaay erinitnt: Ont! Danes

- Prior to the accident Surviving are two sons, Dr. S. The Poppy Fund serves those Dre Dougie Bh Belle-

Morgan was reoceres to Douglas ‘Horne of Belleville; who were the victims of that : , which ville, Ont. He’ Horne,

beth his wife and a third Donald H. Horne of Vancouver, "This year, the fund has hel : {Betty} Warner, Aurora, Oot,

with his wife and a third per | Nous, the Colovel bad|B.C., and a daughter, Mrs. F-| 4" numerous veterans, thelr in‘her stn year.

tt for a while and left the| brought into being The Salva-|(Betty) Wagner ot ~ Aurore] wives, and familles. Upward of to Home,” 68 Giles

Bole! but never returned, |tlon Army's National, Yost tess by her husband eceased | [8 61,500 has been paid out by the| staggering growth of, We) project ‘be approved for the vard East at Gayeas, Windsor. Ont. Mr, eo ee wocked ; 2 Magazine “The Crest,” an Hornet ° "| Belleville Poppy Fund this year Pentecostal church in Canada. | Belleville Fair -Grounds.

vehicle grader opera :

prior to that had specialired in

4n the city. *

eaters bertand pi om iehtand se ee isayar Boat Members of The Royal Cana- turned this proposal down and| bianning Development by| Cemetery, Windsor, Ont. youth, ioe aipees od of eight anv lof Seattle, Washington, D.C, ana 282 Legion, the Ladies’ Auxil- Special Bus pamed 8 eek omni 122 |the Ontario government, with) wensres, Emmer Jane At the Hamilton and then Montreal.|Mrs. Gordon (Lyla) Rodgers of fary, Army, Navy and Alr roe wiek's Island. the town acting in the role of Kingston Hospital

on Colonel Simester held a num-|Vancouver, B.C. Seven grand- “agent,” as far as plarming the Wednesiay, September 30, 1964, ber of Corps appointments in children also survive her. loved Ontario, and concluded five Funeral on Saturday after- years overseas with The Sal-jnoon from the Morris Memorial vation Army Auxillary Services | Funeral Home, Windsor, Ontar- as Director for that organiza: io. tion in the Battalion Campaign. | ———

Colonel ae Mrs. saene a waaccy ote St Shannonvil privileges of working in the annon’ e Seal actens in Balen .

;|Man Fined since among other things they an Primi )

e e loveliest areas of Canada| Lifted They have also appreciated to cence Sart pane taka S, rat A Shannonville man’s licence vation Army in its humanitar- to drive was suspended for lan and spiritual endeavors, by three months this morning, and a multitude of frtends » he was fined $75 after he plead- Y - vis leaving seleecse of an ent. Leslie Jac CAN'T, VOTE Hill of Shannonville was driv- Among: those forbidden tojing Highway Two near Point vote in British elections are} Anne, Sept. 5, when his car persons. convicted within the}sideswiped an oncoming car, last five years of corrupt elec-| driven by Theodore Maracle, of tion practices. . Shannonville. Damage to the : Maracle car was about $150, to

Force Veterans, and the Ladies’ } e e ; Auxillary, will be calling on all To Take Kiddies the Belleville merchants, organ-

fzations and factories, asking

them to purchase wreaths. Any- To y Classes

one can buy these from elther

Speedster The Royal Canadian: Legion or| To assist children living in P Fi the A. N. and A. F. Veterans. | the west end and in the north ays me

If, when the citizens of Belle- * part of the city, arrangements} 4 on man clocked b ville are approached, they havol have been made by the Board cae niiles per hour pe any doubts that the agent Js 2/o¢ Directors of the YMCA with] Highway 401 was fined $30 this} / member of one of these organl-|the Belleville Transit Commis-| morning, at county magistrate’s zations, it Is expected they will} sion to transport them to atd}court. John Paul Marlay, 40 ask the agent to show his|from: the “¥” by chartered| years -old, of Kingston, was membership card. All wreaths | bus, clocked by OPP constables in should be paid for by cheque,| Buses will leave Avondale! qyendinaga township east of either mailed in to the Belleville} school at 4.15 p.m; Prince| pelteville, September fifth. Poppy Fund, or picked up by|Charies School from Yeomans} 5. cont this moring he one of the committee members. | Street gate at 4.23 p.m.; Park: ed that his oenates Meeting was adjourned until] gale School from Auburn St ~ nck of uate bt te we dine October Sth, 1964,.at 8:30 p.m. ! gate at 4.27 p.m.; Quinte Sec- aad’ that although’ be ‘knew he at the Legion Hall. ondary School, east end, at 430] cin. tact, he did not real-

General Welfare £50" pms llee, Sealey ta tn eport Costs Show

his claim that he had had the Big Decrease

dear mother of Harold, Nap- anee, and Mrs. Harry Gibson (Betty) Belleville, in her 76th

HICKEY, James Warren At- Belleville Genera) Hospital on Wedn 30th,

r 1964, James Warren Hickey of M husband of

Royal Oak, Detroit, Miss Phy- Mis Hickey of Marmora. Broth- er of Mrs. Winnie Hill, Madoc P and Jack of Ayjmer. d Mr. Hickey is resting at the = Howden Funeral Home, Marmora, thence to St. Paul's Anglican —s”

Chureh for service on Saburde). Oct at 2pm.

ent, ¢Marmora Protestant Cemetery. O1-2t

TRENTON Last Sunday, nine members of First. Trenton Air Rangers’ Flight, and two leaders, Dorothy Jones and Eva Baker, spent the day at the Prince Edward Flying School, where they were shown around by the manager, Murray Clapp. Although weather prevented a flight, four of the girls, Kathy Everson, Heather McDougall, Christine Hamilton and-Gerald- ine Brook, climbed’ aboard a club aircraft to get the “feel”


i . 5


HAIGHT In fond and loving meet of = dear brother Jos- eph Alva Haight who passed

October 1st, le

speedometer fixed on his arrival in Kingston, at a cost of $90.

With the agreement of Crown Attorney John Pringle, mag- istrate T. Y. Wills set the fine at $30 because, he sald, the, elr- cumstances

will leave the “Y” at 6.00 p.m., arriving at the Hillcrest school at 6.10 p.m; Holy Rosary School at 6.15 p.m.; Quinte Sec-

com t, It brings back a day we never for- ondary 1 at 6.15 p.m.; get.

Though the years be many or few,

this morning that he did not] Belleville recipients of gen-| Parkdale School at 6.18 pm; of the offence indi-|for a future fight Allee! ised with benstitel: ames p after the accident becauseleral welfare assistance during] Prince Charles School at 622 eated that Marlay had not in- TN oe Ieee cary aioe the month of July showed a|/p.m. and to Avondale School] tended to drive at a dangerously M :

HAIGHT —“In fond and Joving pesncey rte mane son Joseph va Haight who passed aw. Oct. 1, 1955. os

4 WEEK LONG BARGAIN }: ery ae bebe. Hosts, high speed.

at 6.30 p.m. The schedule will commence on Tuesday, October 13th and


Anyone with work being done at Cooke’s Keys are asked te WEEKEND claim this on Saturday at their earliest convenience. -


gE t needed his own car to drive/this respect. +} KLEENEX back and forth to his job in] The statistical report from

Hill faces the possibility of|fare for July, showed that 419

from 1:00-p.m, onwards, Besides regular curling, starting in Dec ember, it is planmed to hold One Day ‘Bonspiels once a month. Mixed Curling Committee mem- bers are: F/S Middler, chair- man, WO2 Quantrill, F/S Flet- cher, F/S Schmidt, WO2 Clark, F/S Peters, Sgt. Walker, Cpl.

Gardiner. eee ——_—_—_—$—_—_+ TIMBER SACRIFICED ~

will continue daily, except on Fridays when there is no sched- uled program for public school children,, and on Saturdays

report of the commission, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, which investigated the assassination of John F, Ken- nedy and made recommenda- tions for strengthening presl- dential safeguards, _

Johnson asked the four mem- bers to come up with their own recommendations. Dillon .sald they are expected to do so in time to incorporate them in the

with a score of 52 plus 5, closely followed by Miss Betty Pogue and Laurie Mitchell of Peterborough with a score of 50 plus 15.

In third place was Mrs. Anne Avery with Wally Lavergne of the Belleville club with 48 plus

Kingston Pair Wins Bowlmg

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